ride the Alps


Discover the West of the Alps riding through Italy, France and Monte Carlo.

dolomites motorcycle


Experience the central part of the Alps. Ride on the Italian and Swiss mountains roads.


Enjoy the less know part of the Alps. Ride through the Austrian, Italian and Slovenian Alps.

This is an epic ride through the highest mountains of the Old World, the cradle of civilization, that will satisfy everyone’s tastes. During this comprehensive tour, we will ride through the Alps to experience the best of what Europe has to offer a motorcyclist. History, culture, tradition, exquisite food and of course countless curves and stunning views.

Free grazing animals, lakes, eagles, alpine flowers and some snow-capped peaks will make every picture unforgettable. Be ready for some of the best experience of your life. Those 3D wonders will stay forever in your memories. Not wondering why so many motorcyclist from around the world come every year to ride the Alps.

We will criss-cross between Italian, French, Swiss, Austrian and Slovenian mountains doing a clockwise semicircle around the Alps. You can combine more tours at ones or choose just one. Well over 40 of the most amazing Alps passes are going to wait for us, included the highest passes of the Alps. Prepare yourself to enjoy each km and in not only mountains.

We will ride also through the Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont, we will hit the French Mediterranean coasts on scenic routes, we will make a few laps on “Monaco Circuit”, the Dolomites and the great scenary of the east part of the Alps  and much more. Are you ready to join this epic ride ? Pack your stuff and join our Alps motorcycle tours. Be aware that our tours are extremely addictive. Check more info of  ours Western Alps , Central Alps and our Eastern Alps.