How does the booking works?

We are glad to remind you that we are the only company that offers group discounts and also the only company that requires an advance payment of only 65 % before the start of the tour.

  1. Reservations can be made online, via this web site, via email to, via Motorcycle World Tours Facebook messaging, via phone or verbally.
  2. At the time of booking a deposit of 10% of the total tour fee must be made.
  3. A reservation is not confirmed until a deposit is received.
  4. Once a deposit is received, World Motorcycle Tours will email a confirmation of booking.
  5. If you are making a reservation within 100 days prior to the tour start date, you must pay sixty-five percent (65%) of the tour cost.
  6. The deposit can be paid by

          –  Cash (directly to us)

          –  Bank Transfer

          –  Money transfer service such as Western Union, MoneyGram

    7. Remind that we have groups discount. To be able to get the discount the all group should book at the same time and pay the the total of the             group deposit.

Here our discount:

For 2 riders with 1 passenger or 3 drivers 1.5 %

For 2 drivers with 2 passenger or 4 drivers 2 %

For 3 riders with 2 passenger or 5 riders 2.5 %

For 3 drivers with 3 passenger or 6 riders 3 %

For 4 drivers with 3 passenger or 7 riders 3.5 %

For 4 drivers with 4 passenger or 8 riders 4 %

For 5 drivers with 4 passenger or 9 riders 4,5 %

For 5 drivers with 5 passenger or 10 riders or more 5 %

Payments and deposits

  1. A second tranche of payment of the 55 % of total must be paid 100 days before the tour start date.
  2. Total (100%) – deposit (10%) – second tranche (55%) = balance (35 %)
  3. The balance (35% of the total) must be paid by bank transfer or direct to us by cash no later than on the arrival day of the tour.
  4. If the balance is not received or yet confirmed from our bank at the first day of the tour, we reserve the rights to consider your tour canceled.

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