From Milan to the Ducati museum and to the hometown of Valentino Rossi. Riding south to the homeland of the best “prosciutto” in Italy. Expect this and much more on this motorcycle trip!

motorcycle tour tuscany


coming from 2019

Welcome to central Italy and incredible mix of history, good food, great rides and beautiful seaside.

If you were thinking that in Italy we have just the Alps as mountain range, you were very wrong. The other mountain range we have are the Apennines, that run over 1500 km, north to south, practically the all of Italy. 

They cut in half our country, dividing the Adriatic coast from the Tyrrhenian ones. That’s exactly where our tours will take place. Keeping riding up and down from the coast to the mountains.

Enjoy views that looks like a rinascimental paint, ride on curved roads that seems endless, feel the olives and grapes perfume while the sun caresses you.

Get ready to test some of the best food you will ever eat, included the delicious raw ham of Norcia. If you are thinking to be on diet on those tours you better choose other ones.

A real innovation for our tours is that finally if your wife is not really ready to join the full tour or even part of it, she can just fly in and out directly from the seaside or join the first and last day of the trip. While her she will relax on seaside we will have fun along the ApenninesThe cherry on the cake is a tour on a private sailing boatNothing else is needed to be make this tour unforgettable