How many riders we will be?

To offer a professional and unique experience a group should never be too big. We of Motorcycle World Tours have limited our tours to:

  • Sumatra tours,  our group will max out at 6 riders.
  • In all our others tours, our group will average 10 riders, but will max out at 15.
Should I ride with the group?
  • On Sumatra tours you should ride always with the group.
  • On our other tours you are free to follow the tour guide or choose your own route and meet along the way or at the reserved hotel. GPS points will be given prior to the trip.
  • Please kind remind on our Alps, Lake and Adriatic coast tour, if you are going to rent the motorcycle and  you wanna ride more km of the fixed tour, you will have to cover the extra costs. Normally you should be charged 0,2 euro/ km depeding on renter fee.


What is a resting day?

A resting day is a full day spent sightseeing a city or a natural wonder without riding. This is your free time and it can be spent however you’d like. Explore, eat, drink, rest or ride some more…it’s up to you!

What are the riding rules?

Each state or country has its own riding rules, but we encourage the use of a helmet at all times and prohibit the use of alcohol before or during our rides.

Do I need 3rd party motorcycle insurance?
  • On our Alps tour motorcycle are already insured
  • In Indonesia on our Sumatra Tours we will have it ready
  • USA and European insurance can be bought online prior to the tour. Email us and we will send you a quote.
  • Russia and Mongolia as well as in the “Stans” , can be done at the border
What should I expect at border crossings on a motorcycle?
  • USA and Canada have a relaxed border process
  • Europe only has border stops in Andorra and Switzerland. They are both really easy
  • Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia are normally easy to cross.
  • Uzbek and Tajik tend to be the more “curious”, so expect delays. If you have to carry medicine, please carry your medical prescription documentation.
  • There is no border crossing on our Sumatra tours
What about money exchanges, credit cards and ATMs?

Credit cards and debits cards are accepted almost everywhere in the world.

In central Asia and Mongolia, USD casch are preferred.
You can exchange your money in their banks, but in central Asia you will get better rate if we exchange with locals. We can assist you with these transactions.

In Indonesia on our Sumatra motorcycle tours we find some difficulty in paying with credit/debits cards but was easy to withdraw money from atms. You can exchanges casch in the bigger cities.

What about internet and SIM cards?
  • On our Alps tours, we can arrange a sim card ready for you at your expense
  • On our Sumatra tours you can buy a local sim card with internet traffic, however all our hotels will have wifi connection.
  • On our longer tours you can purchase a “traveling SIM card” at a reasonable rates to avoid roaming charges, however internet traffic on such simcard is not really cheap. It is possible to buy local SIM in most countries and almost all of our hotels will have a wifi connection. Don’t expect much reception in Central Asia or Mongolia.
What if my motorcycle breaks down?

In the event of a breakdown, we will try to resolve the issue on the spot. If we can’t, your bike will be loaded on the support vehicle.

  • On our Alps tour the renting company will solve the problem
  • On our Sumatra tours our renting motorcycle are brandnew, a brake down for motorcycle falt is almost impossible
  • On our other tours, at the start of the tour your motorcycle must arrive fully serviced. In the USA and Europe, there will be numerous service stations available to us along the way. Motorcycle service stations are also present in the larger cities of Russia and in all -Stans capitals, Almaty and Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia).