Lakes Tour

Riding around the Italian Pre-Alpine lakes is a mix of sensational feelings. Image mountain roads with infinity  curves on the side of a lakes , the beauty of the blooms blossomed flowers, the “painted” italian historically villages with their ancient history made of hard work written on their walls.  Every day a new lake, new typical dishes, new mountain passes and small local roads which are not busy at all. View points which gives the views of more lakes, free greezing happy cow , which gives the great milk to make tasty cheese , wild bore and other animals which make your stomach happy. A week tour which will forever change your meaning of “beauty” , you will understand why so many people from around the world are buying houses around our Italian’s lakes. Starting from the Orta Lake we will pass the Maggiore, Lugano, Como, Idro, Iseo and Garda lakes. The city of Como, Lecco, Verona , the museum of  Moto Guzzi and visit to a wine factory .

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1200 km/746 mi



off road on request

Please note that this is an indicative route. It is not 100% accurate. The route we offer is way more twisty and fun!

Dates & Prices


13/04/18 to 18/05/18
13/04/19 to 18/05/19


400 €



1.500 €


600 €



850 €


1200 km , 2 countries, 6 Historical cities, 1 Unesco World Heritage sites,

  • Lakes coasts of the Pre/Alpine lakes of Italy
  • The Alps mountains
  • 15 of the best  mountain passes around the lakes
  • Moto Guzzi museum
  • Italian cuisines
  • Como
  • Lecco
  • Verona a world heritage listed place
  • Vineyard Landscape of Garda
  • Visit Valpolicella Winery
  • Infinity authentic lakes villages
  • Amazing viewpoints overlooking the lakes and the Alps

Few places can beat the charm and grace of the Italian lakes – which is why they have been a holiday destination for over two millennia. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our Italian Lakes Tour! Let’s ride together to the land of Beauty!

Day 1

We will get our motorcycles and start from Milan riding in the direction of our first lake – Lake Orta. We gonna ride our first serpentine roads to the viewpoints of Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore. We will stop for the night on the picturesque hills overlooking Lake Maggiore. Please be aware that you should be ready to start the tour at 9 am from the meeting point. Please arrive at least one day prior to the tour to allow a good rest (especially if you have a long flight) . Book accordingly.

Day 2-3

We will ride the remote narrow mountains roads, crisscrossing to Switzerland and back to Italy along the lakes Lugano and Como. You could use a pair of comfy shoes, as we gonna do some walking around the city of Como and a couple of other nice towns by the lakes. This is the best way to immerse ourselves into charming ambience of the historic towns. We will also visit the city of Lecco and the Moto Guzzi Museum before hitting the road again.

Day 4-5

In these two days we gonna ride around three beautiful lakes: Lake Idro, Lake Iseo and Lake Garda. You will get surprised by the splendid flora and some varieties of fruit more typical for subtropical climate, such as lemon and kiwi. We gonna try some mouth-watering typical dishes and drinks in local restaurants. We will visit Verona – the home of Romeo and Juliet. We gonna have a guided tour concluded with wine tasting at a Valpolicella Winery. And if you ever thought that all lakes are more or less the same, wait until you see the largest Italian lake – Garda. It is going to be the exclamation mark of our journey! We will arrive in the evening in Milan.

Day 6

We will give back the rented motorcycle at 9.30 am and after that you are free to fly out (please be aware that you may take 2 hours to arrive at Malpensa or Orio al Serio airports, while it only take 10 minutes to arrive at Linate airport by taxi).



Accommodations in our Lakes tour will vary from hotel in larger cities to bed-and-breakfasts, homestays and farmstays in the villages of the Alps. A farm stay is a working farm that has been adapted to welcome guests as a hotel. The food served in farm stays is homegrown, home-cooked and delicious. Farm stays are often located in rural and beautiful areas. Staying with locals is often the best way immerse yourself into a different culture.

Whats Included
  • Assistance acquiring necessary documentation and logistics
  • All tours nights accommodations
  • Motorcycle tour guide
  • Emergency first aid kit equipped
  • Our staff is motorcycle mechanical experienced and first aid qualified
  • Morning briefings
  • Walking tour of Como
  • Walking tour of Lecco
  • Walking tour of Verona
  • Visits to several beautiful “Borghi”
  • Visit to an Italian winery

Not Included

  • Although we do not offer breakfasts, they are included in several hotel bookings
  • All services not mentioned and all personal items
Useful Info

How many “no riding days” are in the tour ? We will ride all days

How many km do we ride daily ? We will ride 149 miles/day (240 km/day) as an average. Obviously some days we will ride more than that and some days we will ride less. Keep in mind that even if it sound not much, in reality are mostly all mountains roads ant that will take the all day to cover such distance.

How much motorcycle experience do I need ? You don’t need an extensive riding experience but you should be comfortable riding a motorcycle during a city’s rush hours as well as mountains roads. This will be a challenging, yet rewarding and definitely an enjoyable experience for you.

Is possible ride 2 up? Yes! You are welcome to travel with a companion..The passenger must be at least 12 years old. He/she should be able to place place both feet flat on the passenger foot pegs of the motorcycle. Riding 2 up requires more skill. The passenger should have experience traveling on the back of a motorcycle.

What about visas ? Europe is visa free for north Americans, Australians and many other countries. Please check this information carefully before the trip.

Which bag should i bring ? You should have a waterproof roll bag. Please be aware that your bag should be a good quality one. If you can’t pack all of your belongings in a 60 liters roll bag you are bringing far too much.

Can I rent the motorcycle gear ? Yes is possible to rent your motorcycle gear but we do not advice it. Much better to have your own which you are sure you are comfortable with.

What time should arrive at the first day ? Please be aware that you should be ready to start the tour at 9 am from the meeting point. Please arrive at least one day prior to the tour. Book accordingly.

What do I need for a motorcycle trip? Click here to see the answer

How do I arrive at the starting point ? Click here to see the answer

Can I ride my motorcycle ? Yes you can, you can join the tour with your own motorcycle

How many riders we will be ? click here to see the answer

Should I ride with the group? click here to see the answe

How you got already a quote from another tour company ? If you are a group of people willing to do a tour that is not on our schedule, we can make the same tour cheaper with the same conditions, none can beat our price !! Please contact us

Riding conditions

If you have never ridden in Europe before, there are a few differences. Each country has its own driving rules. Europe can be divided into two parts:  “freestyle Europe”, or the “Latin Europe”, which includes eastern Europe, and the “no freestyle Europe”, which includes Germany, Austria and Switzerland along with northern Europe.

In freestyle Europe, the motorcycle is used as a vehicle to escape traffic jams. This means lane splitting, overtaking upcoming traffic and parking on the sidewalks (with common sense). Normally in rush hour, the way to work and the way home are transformed into small motogp races. In “no freestyle Europe”, such practices are uncommon and generally unacceptable. Please be respectful of each region’s rules.

The roads are narrower than, for example, the roads in the US and Russia.  Roundabouts are very common and gas stations are at a maximum distance of 20 km away. There are motorcycle shops in most cities and towns, as well as in some villages. It is safe to say that “freestyle Europe” is a rider’s personal paradise.

Traffic will be very limited as the vacation summer season will be just starting and daily traffic is not going through the high mountain passes. Roads are generally very good with some only reasonably good and there will also be few sections of gravel (easy) for about 200 km (which can be avoided). Riding in the Alps is a dream of every single motorcyclist and we will enjoy it day after day, corner after corner. We still cannot forget about safety as loosing the control of the motorcycle on a mountain road can cause serious injury or worse.  Speed limits are there for a reason and sometimes even 50km/h is above our capability. The biggest dangers are represented by many blind corners and the possibility of presence of big stones. Generally the tarmac is in good shape as many of those wonderful mountain passes are used during the “Le tour de France” and the “Giro d’Italia”, both international bicycle competitions.  We are not going to look for the best tarmac but we are going to look for best scenic and adventures roads, so get ready also for some of it.

Local food

If you were thinking to be on a diet during those days you choose the wrong time. Italian, cousin is well known to be the best in the world


Genuine, fresh and biological products are typically from the mountains. After the fall of the Roman Empire different cities began to separate and form their own traditions and cuisine. Many different types of bread and pasta were invented, and there was a variation in cooking techniques and preparation. Italian cuisine since then emphasize the regionalism and tradition.

  • Antipasti: bresaola, many delicious pork, donkeys, wild boars and other wild animals sausage
  • First course: pizzoccheri, Polenta in many different ways, several baked kind of pasta, soups.
  • Second course: game animals like deer, chamois, hare dishes are very popular.
  • Wines: Barolo, Barbera , Merlot, Pinot , Cabernet, Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, Traminer, Amarone di Valpolicella and many more
  • Desserts: Strudel di mele, Panforte, Baci di Dama, Tiramisu and many different tarts
  • Liquor: Grappa.
  • Don’t forget that if you are lover of truffle you are in the best place for it.

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Motorcycle world tours booking can be completed in few easy steps.
If you face any troubles sending in your tour booking or if you need any additional information in order to complete the booking, please do not hesitate to let us know at