Million Dollar

Welcome to the Million Dollar tour. A tour made to make you rich of great memories and feelings.Discover the authentic Wild West on its unknown astonishing places. The whole trip is planned to include what motorcyclists value the most : mountain curves, vast spaces, empty roads, constant wonderful scenery and a lack of highways, big metropolis and the traffic associated with them.

During our journey we’ll visit the States of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. We will see numerous national and state parks and ride on some of the most scenic roads in America. The kaleidoscope of ever changing surroundings is quite marvelous. From cacti-laden desert to endless prairies , snow covered mountains and rock formations that are out of this world, moon-like landscapes, forests, lakes, open copper mines and Indian reservations. And did we mention we are going to visit the Grand Canyon ? Yes but the less known part of it the north rim.







2955 km



+/- 5 Km

Please note that this is an indicative route. It is not accurate. The route we offer is way more twisty and fun!

Dates & Prices


05/09 – 18/09

Deadline for booking 05/06/18


999 $



  • 3.966 $  (Harley-Davidson Electra Glide)
  • 4.319 $  (BMW 1200 GS)
  • Min 6 riders are required to keep those prices


1999 $



1.999 $

  • Shopping in the biggest Harley Davidson store in the world
  • Shopping around Phoenix shopping malls
  • riding across 4 states: Arizona , New Mexico, Colorado, Utah
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Fountain Hills: one of the highest fountains in the world
  • Roosevelt Lake
  • San Carlos Indian reservation
  • Morenci mine- one of the biggest copper mines in the world
  • Devil’s Highway – considered by the Federal Road Administration as one of the most “twisted” roads in America
  • Zuni Indian reservation
  • Window Rock- amazing rock formation, capitol of the Navajo Nation, great introduction to famous Navajo code talkers
  • Monumental formation of Shiprock
  • historical town of Durango
  • Million Dollar Highway – one of the most spectacular roads in America
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Arches national Park
  • Dead Horse State Park
  • Gooseneck State Park
  • Moki Dugway
  • Capitol Reef national Park
  • Navajo bridge
  • Wupatki national Monument
  • Sunset Crater National Monument
  • Sedona

Day 1-2
We’ll pick you up at the airport and bring you to hotel so you can rest after the long flight and shake off jetlag. The next morning we’ll do briefing of the whole tour and go to rental place to take care of all the paperwork. Then we’ll take you to the biggest Harley Davidson store in the world, show you the old town of Scottsdale , go to shopping malls, etc.

Day 3
We’ll start with the visit to Fountain Hills – home to one of the highest fountains in the world. Then we’ll continue to Roosevelt lake and continue into San Carlos Indian Reservation. We’ll spend a night in mining town of Morenci.

Day 4 
After quick visit to one of the biggest open pit copper mines in the world we’ll embark on the ride on famous Devil’s Highway – considered by Federal Highway Administration as one of the most ” twisted” roads in America. After countless curves and turns and climb into Colorado plateau, the landscape suddenly changes into vast prairie and straight roads stretching into horizon. We’ll pass through Zuni Indian reservation and finish the day on Route 66 in the city of Gallup.

Day 5 
Our first point of interest will be the capitol of big country within the country – Navajo Nation and Window Rock. We’ll marvel at stunning rock formations and get introduced to inspirational story of famous Navajo Code Talkers. Then we’ll continue on a wonderful scenic ride known as Dine Tah “Among the People”. After crossing the mountains and border with New Mexico state, we’ll be amazed by the beauty of Red Valley and monumental Shiprock. The landscape is very moonish there with incredible rock formations, only to suddenly give way to the state of Colorado and mountains resembling European Alps. We’ll finish the day with well deserved rest in the historic city of Durango.

Day 6
starts with the gem of all gems – Million dollar Highway, unanimously considered as one of the most beautiful roads in America. After numerous twisties, big elevation changes, visits to the mountain towns of Silverton and Quray, astonishing vistas and big adrenaline dosages due to unrailed drop offs, the landscape once again flips into the opposite spectrum with Mars-like red rocks. We are now in state of Utah. We’ll hit the hay at the base of the La Sal mountains in Western style wood cabins.

Day 7 – 8
are rest days fulfilled with short rides and visits to National and State Parks in Moab ( Mekka for BASE jumpers, mountain bikers and all sort of outdoors enthusiasts ) . We’ll visit Canyonlands and Arches National Parks – world renowned for their marvelous rock formations and pay a visit to Dead Horse State park.

Day 9
We’ll continue riding surrounded by out-of-this-world Utah landscapes, stop in the Gooseneck State park and gaze at the uncanny meandering-river-carved canyon and get another, huge adrenaline shot on the Moki Dugway (road built on the face of a vertical cliff). The rest of day will be fulfilled with more and more scenic rides on the empty roads and finished with a visit to another National park of Capitol Reefs.

Day 10
Starts with the cherry on the cake – fabulous road number 12 which leads to Escalante National Museum and Bryce National Park with another out of this planet rocks.

Day 11
Is fulfilled with a continuous supply of scenic riding, grand, vast expanses. Stop at the picturesque Navajo bridge spanning Marble Canyon. Then we’ll move on to marvel at the ancient architectural skills of Native Americans at the ruins of Wupatki National Monument, only to be greeted shortly after by the San Francisco volcanic field which contains 600 volcanoes. We’ll stop at the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument to take a closer look at one of them and surrounding lava fields. The day ends with the return to Route 66 and rest in the city of Flagstaff.

Day 12 
We’ll descend into Oak Creek canyon and get our jaws dropped by the sheer beauty of the city of Sedona. After spending a few hours there exploring the town, our journey brings us closer back to Phoenix through wonderful cacti-laden mountains.

Day 13-14
We’ll return the bikes and once again cruise around town in a van for more sightseeing and shopping.
Transfer to the airport, group hug and memories lasting lifetime.

Whats Included

What is included

  • Motorcycle rental (Harley-Davidson Electra Glide or BMW 1200 GS) with basic 3rd party insurance

  • Assistance acquiring necessary documentation and logistics

  • All nights accommodation

  • Tour guide on motorcycle

  • All parks entrance fee listed in the highlights

  • Airport pick up and dropp off

  • Emergency first aid kit equipped

  • Phoenix tour and shopping tour on a Van

  • Our staff is first aid qualified

  • Morning briefings

Not Included

  • Although we do not offer breakfasts, they are included in some hotel bookings

  • All services not mentioned and all personal items


Accommodation in our Million Dollar tour will vary from hotels of 2*-3*

Useful Info

How many “no riding days” are in the tour ? We will ride 10 days the others 4 are used for resting and shopping and clime and time changing adaptation

How many km do we ride daily ? We will ride 1836miles (2955km), that means 183 miles/day (295 km/day) as an average. Obviously some days we will ride more than that and some days we will ride less. Keep in mind that even if it sound not much, in reality are mostly all mountains roads ant that will take the all day to cover such distance.

How much motorcycle experience do I need ? You don’t need an extensive riding experience but you should be comfortable riding a motorcycle during a city’s rush hours as well as mountains roads. This will be a challenging, yet rewarding and definitely an enjoyable experience for you.

Is possible ride 2 up? Yes! You are welcome to travel with a companion..The passenger must be at least 12 years old. He/she should be able to place place both feet flat on the passenger foot pegs of the motorcycle. Riding 2 up requires more skill. The passenger should have experience traveling on the back of a motorcycle.

What about visas ? Depending on which passport you are holding you may require a visa. Please check this information carefully before the trip.

What I need for renting a motorcycle ? You will need your original passport and motorcycle driving license, your international credit card and you need to be older than 21 years old.

Do I need a deposit to rent a motorcycle ? Yes you will need a credit card able to operate in the Usa. A security deposit of $3000 will be taken from the renting company (Authorization Only). Security deposit must be processed via valid credit card only. You can reduce the deposit by purchasing a insurance. In that case the deposit will be reduce till $1000. 

Do I need a health insurance ?  Yes we do require a travel medical insurance that covers  motorcyclist. In case of accident bills can grow very quickly. We also suggest a emergency medical Evacuation insurance.

Which bag should i bring ? You should have a waterproof roll bag. Please be aware that your bag should be a good quality one. If you can’t pack all of your belongings in a 60 liters roll bag you are bringing far too much.

Can I rent the motorcycle gear ? Yes is possible to rent your motorcycle gear but we do not advice it. Much better to have your own which you are sure you are comfortable with.

What time should arrive at the first day ? Please be aware to arrive before 15.00 

What do I need for a motorcycle trip? Click here to see the answer

How do I arrive at the starting point ? Click here to see the answer

Can I ride my motorcycle ? Yes you can, you can join the tour with your own motorcycle

How many riders we will be ? click here to see the answer

Should I ride with the group? click here to see the answe

How you got already a quote from another tour company ? If you are a group of people willing to do a tour that is not on our schedule, we can make the same tour cheaper with the same conditions, none can beat our price !! Please contact us

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