3 am: April 4, 2011 – The day that changed our lives!

My name is Matteo Belli, and at that time I was only 26. I had no sponsors, was riding solo with no smartphone or GPS, carrying my tank bag packed with paper maps for every country….on my mother’s Kawasaki ER5.
I named my motorcycle ‘Kawazakistan’ and with the help of my father we turned it into a traveling version. I remember stopping at the traffic light somewhere near the town of Padova in Italy on the very first day of my trip. A man on his scooter looked at my packed bike and asked me where I was going. I answered that I was going to Australia.

As there was no reaction whatsoever from the guy, I reckon my answer seemed too odd! My Motorcycle World Tour had commenced!

Ak-Baital Pass

Ak-Baital Pass, Tajikistan

After crossing all of Europe and Caucasus, I entered Russia, where in Bashkortostan, I met this beautiful woman named Lily. I fell immediately in love with her. I traversed all of Central Asia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, India and Nepal. Finally a year later, Lily decided to leave everything behind and join me from Thailand on this wonderful lifetime adventure.

Teo e Lily

Teo and Lily in Cambodia

After another year and half of travel in Asia, Australia, South Korea and Japan, we got married on the way back to Europe. Obviously, the honeymoon was going to be another adventure. We flew to Phoenix, Arizona to start our North American tour.
In Phoenix, we became friends with Damian Engelman, who is also an avid motorcyclist.

Teo e Damian

Teo and Damian

A few days after we met, he left for his own big adventure on motorcycle around Europe. Destiny brought us together and we shared our best riding suggestions. He helped us purchase a motorcycle before he flew to Europe. Damian left us his house key and we stayed in his home while he went on his journey. We toured over 6 months in the USA and Canada for a total of about 50.000 km.


Teo and Lily in the USA

On the night of 15 September 2014, as we were camping on the Pacific Coast Highway N1, I spoke with Lily about our adventures. I said that traveling by motorcycle is the best thing we had ever done and I wanted to share this amazing experience with others. That was the night that “Motorcycle World Tour” was born.

We drove back to Phoenix and I spoke with Damian about my idea as I know he is a motorcyclist, a world traveler and a crazy base jumper; so he is always up for adventure. He listened quietly to what I said, and when I asked, “so Damian what do you think?,” his answer was “ I’m in, let’s do it”! We have been planning every single detail since then .

Motorcycle World Tours LLC is officially a company since 22/09/2016 with offices in Phoenix (USA), Milan (Italy) and Kazan (Russia).

On 21/01/2017 we come back to the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, one of  our top of the list as a fantastic motorcycle adventure destination.

We have done a huge amount of work planning the best adventure routs, exploring the most amazing spots, choosing the best hotels and restaurants there the area, etc. and now after 60 days around Sumatra

IMG_3897We are now ready to invite YOU to join us on our next Adventure!

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