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    Paul, USA
    Paul, USA Europe Tour

Alps Tours

10 days of motorcycle trip, criss-crossing between Italian, French, Swiss Alps. Including the highest alpine road and 37 of the best mountain passes, the unique landscape of the Piedmont vineyards, the bends of the Côte d’Azur and the legendary Grand Prix of Monaco, excursions around Milan and Venice and much more!

Sumatra Tours

The golden land for motorcyclists with its twisty roads through the bounty of the rainforest, up to the smoking mountains and down to the crystal clear beach waters. See the jaw-dropping sunsets, enjoy the best coffee on the planet and taste the savory exotic food. Nothing is missing over here to make your ride an unforgettable Adventure!

World Tour

In the USA, we’ll ride across the country from the Route 66 through the wild, Wild West, Grand Canyon to the bright lights of New York City. We’ll then fly to Europe and begin our climb up the Pyreness and through the Alps. From Russia, we’ll cruise along the Silk Road and the Pamir Highway, Central Asia to Mongolia. We’ll conclude the trip in Vladivostok, Far East city of Russia.


From Lisbon, we will follow Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian coasts along the Mediterranean. We’ll ride up the beautiful passes of the Pyrenees, Apennines and the Alps. We’ll stop in several World Heritage listed sites and complete the trip in Riga.

russia, central asia, mongolia

From Riga to the Trans-Siberian Highway. We will ride to Central Asia on its Silk Road and the Pamir Highway. We will ride through Mongolia, (the mother of all adventures!), before concluding this leg in Vladivostok.


Our motto is: «We can make your dreams come true.»
Anywhere, anytime, anyhow; if you have an unfulfilled desire to go on the adventure of a lifetime, send us your ideas and we will design a trip personalized just for you. We customize our trips to suit your needs on any motorcycle or vehicle, on any budget.

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