12 days From Medan to “km 0”, the northernmost point of the Indonesian archipelago, located in Pulau Weh island.

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NEW YEAR 7 days From Medan to the West coast, visiting the stunning lake Toba – the largest volcanic lake on Earth.


12 days From Medan to the charming city of Padang in West Sumatra, crossing the Equator on the way.

Welcome to Sumatra, the sixth largest island in the world and one of the last bits of the natural paradise left on Earth. The backbone of Sumatra is the Barisan Mountain chain and that is exactly where our tours are taking place. If you are looking for something more than just a ride you have come to the right place. We offer three Sumatra Tours. We have striven to fill all three of them with equally valuable experiences and unique adventures.

Each tour guarantees you the most amazing rides along twisty mountain roads and through the tropical rainforest, breathtaking views of the volcanic lakes, and a boat trip to an exotic island. Our Northern and Southern expeditions are 12 days long each.

If time is an issue you are welcome to join our compact 7 days long Central Expedition. Just imagine the endless sand beaches and the lush green coffee plantations. The sounds of the jungle and the incessant hum of the cities.

The golden sun rays reflected in the geometry of the rice fields. The inexplicable attraction of the smoking volcanoes and the intriguing mystery of the Earth’s biggest volcanic lake. Vibrant traditional clothes and blinding smiles of the locals. Savory street food, exotic fruit and seafood galore. Last but not least, Sumatra is still a relatively new tourist destination. At times it seems like the local lifestyle has not changed for centuries. It has kept its original beauty as much as possible in the 21st century and yet it enjoys decent paved roads and plenty off-road options.

What else does an adventure rider need for a perfect vacation?