This agreement is thus between Motorcycle World Tours and the client.

Motorcycle World Tours, located at: 7113 N 73rd drive, Glendale AZ 85303 USA, is the trip operator responsible for the Coast to Coast tour and the USA and Canada legs of our World Tour as well as the  Coast to Coast + The best of Europe tour.

Motorcycle World Tours,  2-ya Daurskaya n 11 Kazan,Respublika Tatarstan Russia, is the trip operator responsible for Sumatra tours, The best of Europe tour and Russia, Central Asia, Mongolia tour and the European and Russian, Central Asian and Mongolian part of the world tour and The best of Europe + Russia, Central Asia, Mongolia tour.

Motorcycle World Tours,  via Matteotti 77, Gorgonzola (Mi) Italy is the trip operator for the Alps tour.

Please read carefully to ensure you understand the terms and conditions and Acknowledgment of Risk of this tour.  Once you have read and understood those terms and conditions and the Acknowledgment of Risk, you must sign the documents to legalize your agreement.

In order for this to be a unique experience for the client, we allow no more than 15 motorcyclists per tour in all our tours except in our Sumatra tours, where we allow no more than 6 riders.  All of our motorcycle tours are booked on a first come/ first serve basis.

Thus, the terms and conditions are a part of the contract you enter by participating in any or all legs of the tour.

1)Prerequisites and Responsibility of Participant

1.1 The Participant who intends to ride must hold a valid motorcycle license and an international driving permit . He/she must be at least 18 years old and have at least 2 years of riding experience.  All documents must be valid for the entirety of the tour.

1.2 All Participants must have a valid passport for the entirety of the tour and have expiration date exceeding six months the date of the end of the tour. You must have enough space left on your passport to allow for entry and exit stamps and visas.

1.3 Each participant must produce a certification of health (we will provide the form). If you are unable to provide that or you are not sure about your health , you will have to do medical check to certify that you are in good health and ready to attend our tour on a motorcycle.

1.4 Each participant will have to sign a Release and Waiver Form before participating in our tours, (we will provide the form).

1.5 Each participant rider of Sumatra tours must sign a Rental Agreement (we will provide the form)

1.6 It is each participant’s responsibility to make all necessary arrangements to ensure compliance with visa requirements for each country listed in the tour.

1.7 It is each participant’s responsibility to hold a Motorcycle Registration Document and Title (ownership certificate) or other documents needed which will allow your motorcycle to cross international borders of the countries listed in our tours. Not need for Sumatra tours participants.

1.8 It is each participant’s responsibility receive the required vaccinations needed for the countries said participant will be visiting.

1.9 Each participant must obtain personal travel insurance valid for the entire trip that covers the countries listed in the tour. The insurance must cover personal accident, medical expenses, repatriation and loss and damage to personal belongings. Your policy must include  motorcycle touring and the appropriate capacity for the engine of the motorcycle you going to use during the tour. On our Sumatra tours the motorcycle’s engine size is 250cc We suggest that you purchase a travel cancellation policy too.

1.10 It is the participant’s responsibility to arrive on TIME at the starting point. Each participant (excluded the Sumatra tours participants) must arrive at the starting point with your motorcycle fully serviced with new tires.

1.11 It is participant’s responsibility to ensure that their motorcycle is suitable and capable of completing the trip safely without any mechanical failures.

1.12 It is participant’s responsibility to acquire information about the countries we will be visiting, included,  but not limited to health and health facilities, local laws and  safety and security situations. Please make personal decisions accordingly.

1.13 It is the participant’s responsibility to inform their own Embassies (or other entities) about the estimated time of arrival and departures in the countries we are entering during the tour.

1.14 The participant on the USA and/or European tours should feel comfortable riding long distances through mountain passes, with some occasional dirt roads (which can be bypassed).

1.15 The participant on the Sumatra and Russia/Central Asia/Mongolia tours must feel comfortable riding in any sort of terrain (sandy, gravel, corrugation etc.). The weather can be unpredictable on this leg of the ride and it can be challenging. If you don’t feel comfortable riding off road, we highly suggest you take an off-road riding course.  Road conditions, even paved roads, will be challenging, with lots of larges potholes and uneven terrain. Sumatra, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia have a very different style of riding compared to “western countries”. Traffic rules and regulations are very different.  Drivers tend to ride more aggressively in this region, so please ride safely.

1.16 All riders and passengers should feel comfortable riding all day long for several days in row.

1.17 All passengers of the support vehicle should be comfortable sitting all day long in a vehicle,  for several days in row.

1.18 The participant is responsible for its own motorcycle (owned or rented) and how they ride it. The participant should comply with the local road laws and regulations.

1.19 The rider participant is responsible for any pillion passenger being carried.

1.20 The participant must ensure their own safety and minimize the risks during the tour, especially while riding.

1.21 The participant is directly responsible and liable for all personal injuries and damage to property caused by his/her intentional misconduct or negligence, and shall indemnify and hold Motorcycle World Tours harmless against all third party claims asserted directly on Motorcycle World Tours in connection with such injuries and/or damage. Damage caused by customer’s intentional misconduct or negligence means in particular, (but not limited to), damage attributable to driving mistakes, lack of driving ability and/or disorderly driving behavior.

1.22 The passenger of the motorcycle must be at least 12 years of age.

1.23 He/she should be able to place both feet flat on the passenger foot pegs of the motorcycle.

1.24 The passenger of the support vehicle can be younger than 12 years old.

It is the parent’s responsibility to carry his/her passport and birth certificate and present all documents needed to be able to participate in the tour.

If  both parents are not present during the tour, the parent that is present should have:

a.1)  copy of marriage certificate

a.2) birth certificate of the son/daughter

a.3) a letter of authorization to take the child on a trip out of the country, in your native language and translated into English, and signed by the parent who is not travelling with them and lists:

    • the address and telephone number(s) of the parent who is not travelling, and
    • a photocopy of that parent’s signed passport

a.4)  disclaimer liability for Motorcycle World  Tours sign from both the relatives

  1. b) If the parents are separated or divorced and share custody of the child, the parent should present:

b.1) birth certificate of the son/daughter

b.2) Letter of authorization to take the child on a trip out of the country, in your native language and written or translated into English,signed by the parent who is not traveling with them and lists:

    • the address and telephone number of the parent who is not travelling, and
    • a photocopy of that parent’s signed passport
    • the parent traveling with the child should carry the copy of the legal custody document

b.3) disclaimer liability for Motorcycle World  Tours sign from both the relatives

  1. c) If the parents are separated or divorced and one of them has sole custody of the child, the parent should present :

c.1) birth certificate

c.2) letter of authorization to take the child on a trip out of the country, in your native language and written or translated into English, which is signed by the parent who is not traveling with them and lists:

    • the address and telephone number of the parent who is not travelling, and
    • a photocopy of that parent’s signed passport
    • the parent travelling with the child should carry a copy of the custody decree.

c.3) Disclaimer liability for World Motorcycle Tour sign from both the relatives

  1. d) If one of the child’s parents is deceased:
    • The traveling parent should bring a copy of the death certificate in original language, written or translated into English
    • Birth certificate of the son/daughter
    • Disclaimer liability for Motorcycle World Tour sign from the relative


2) Reservations and Deposit

2.1 Reservations can be made online, via this web site, via email to, via Motorcycle World Tours Facebook messaging, via phone or verbally.

2.2 At the time of booking, a deposit of 10% of the total tour fee must be made.

2.3 A reservation is not confirmed until a deposit is received.

2.4 Once a deposit is received, Motorcycle World  Tours will email a confirmation of your booking.

2.5 If you are making a reservation within 100 days prior to the tour start date, you must pay sixty-five percent (65%) of the tour cost.

2.6 The deposit can be paid by

  1. Cash (directly to us)
  2. bank Transfer
  3. Money transfer service such as Western Union, MoneyGram

3) Group Discounts

Keep in mind that we have groups discounts. To be eligible for the discount, the all groups must  book and pay up the entire group deposit up front. Listed are the discounted prices we offer:

2 riders with 1 passenger or 3 drivers  -1.5 % discount

2 drivers with 2 passenger or 4 drivers – 2 % discount

3 riders with 2 passenger or 5 riders – 2.5 % discount

3 drivers with 3 passenger or 6 riders  – 3 % discount

For 4 drivers with 3 passenger or 7 riders – 3.5 % discount

For 4 drivers with 4 passenger or 8 riders – 4 % discount

For 5 drivers with 4 passenger or 9 riders  – 4.4 % discount

For 5 drivers with 5 passenger or 10 riders or more – 5 % discount

4) Payments and deposit

4.1 A second installment of the 55 % payment of the total must be paid 100 days before the tour start date.

4.2 Total (100%)  –  deposit (10%) –  second tranche (55%)  = balance (35%)

4.3 The balance (35% of the total) must be paid by bank transfer or direct to us by cash no later than on the arrival day of the tour.

4.4 If the balance is not received or yet confirmed from our bank at the first day of the tour, we reserve the right to cancel your tour.

5) Cancellation, Changes and Refunds

5.1)Cancellation by us

We reserve the right to cancel any tour if the number of participants booked does not meet the minimum requirement to make it commercially viable. Should that occur, we will inform you 70 days prior to the trip for all our tours, except for Sumatra tours which we will inform you 40 days prior to the start of the tour.

In such case you have 3 options:

    • A full refund of all money paid
    • Continue on the original planned Tour with modifications (details will be provided)
    • Continue on the original  planned Tour at a higher price

5.2) We reserve the right to cancel the tour due causes of force majeure. If before or during the trip, unforeseeable events happen ( wars, natural  disasters etc ) which are beyond our control, we may cancel the trip and Motorcycle World Tours is released from its obligation. Motorcycle World Tours will not consider any refund or  compensation or meet any costs or expenses you incur as a result. However if such an event occurs, we will try to offer a different tour or avoid the affected region.  If those changes incur additional costs, those fees must be paid for by the participant.

We highly suggest  to have also a travel cancellation policy for additional protection.

5.3) Cancellation by you.

If you decide to cancel your tour 100 days prior to the start, and you have already paid the second tranche of the payment corresponding to fifty-five percent (55%) of the tour pack price, you will receive a full refund minus bank fees and currency exchange costs. The deposit is not refundable.

If you decide to cancel the trip within 100 days, your money can not be refunded.

6) No Show

If you are not present on the start of the tour, (whether you decided not to travel or you missed your travel connections or any other reasons),  this will be considered a withdrawal and you are still responsible for covering 100% of the cost of the tour.

7) Transfer of Booking

Please send us a request in writing if you would like to transfer a tour to another individual.

New riders and passengers should meet the requirements to participate in the tour.

If they don’t meet the requirements, it is not possible to transfer the tour.

7.1)If the request arrives 100 days prior to the tour start, no additional fees are collected.

7.2)If the request arrives from 99 days to 60 days, there is a fee of 150 euro.

From 60 to 30 days = fee of 200 euro.

From 29 to 14 days  = fee of 250 euro.

From 13 to 7 days = fee 300 euro

From 6 to 1 day  = 400 euro

7.3) In all cases, the transferring party and the proxy will be jointly liable for both the outstanding balance and the additional costs arising from the transfer (for example the total cost of the flight from Toronto to Lisbon) .

7.4) Once a trip is been transferred,  additional changes can not be made.  You will have to cancel to book a new trip.

8) Changing of a tour

8.1)You can upgrade a tour at anytime with a prior notice if there is availability.

What is an upgrade? This means you can add another tour in your booking.

Here are the possible combination:

  1. you can add Europe to your Coast to Coast tour (and vice versa).
  2. You can add Europe to your Russia, Central Asia, Mongolia tour (and vice versa).
  3. You can upgrade your tour to a World Tour
  4. You can add any Sumatra Tours to any of your booked Sumatra tours

You must meet all requirements for each leg of the tour.

If space is available:

    • If you book 100 days or more prior to the start of the tour, you will have to pay an additional 10% deposit (10% of new tour + 10% old tour = new deposit 10% )
    • If you book less than 100 days to the start of the tour you have to pay the additional tranche of 65 % of the new tour (65 % of new tour + 65 % old tour = new tranche of 65 %)

8.2) Unfortunately if you want change tours with different combination, you have to cancel the old tour and make a new booking

9) Tour Price and What’s included and not

9.1) The tour price includes all the items listed on the tour page under “What’s Included”.

9.2)What’s Not Included are all services not mentioned as included and all items of a personal nature. Therefore, for clarity, here a list of basics items that are not included.

    • Personal documentation (i.e., visas,international driving permits ), vaccinations, personal taxes, border crossing fees.
    • All insurances mandatory and suggested (travel medical insurance, trip cancellation and emergency medical evacuation and others) and third party motorcycle insurance. Third party insurance is however included on our Sumatra Tours.
    • Shipping costs of  your motorcycle to the starting points and from the ending points.
    • Travel costs to arrive at the starting points and to travel back from the ending points. (We provide transportation to and from the airport at no additional cost)
    • Motorcycle spare parts, tires and all motorcycle services. Those are however included on our Sumatra Tours
    • Motorcycle fuel, toll road fees (where not stated), parking, traffic fines and penalties issued by authorities. Motorcycle fuel, road tolls and parking however are included on our Sumatra Tours.
    • All meals (except welcome and goodbye dinners and some breakfasts) and all entrance fees to sights and parks (except where stated), personal spending money, drinks, alcohol, tips, optional excursions or other extras. Breakfast are all included on our Sumatra Tours
    • Customs clearance of your motorcycle in Lisbon for the World Tour and Coast to Coast + the Best of Europe
    • Any other item not specifically included in the price.

10) Participants understanding of Nature of the Tours and Acceptance of Risk

By booking and participating in our tour you understand and accept that:

10.1) Riding motorcycles is dangerous.

10.2) Riding on unfamiliar surfaces, in new countries,  in extreme weather conditions or in high altitudes, various terrains, following different road rules and riding alongside different driving styles can increase the danger exponentially.

10.3) You have to be a person inclined to adapt to a variety of factors. Travel in other countries means eating a diet you may not be used to, being exposed to different hygiene standards, accommodations, cultural beliefs and behaviors, especially for the Russia, Central Asia, Mongolia and Sumatra tours. You must be able to adapt to these changes.

10.4) We will do our best to follow the outlined routes and schedule, but but factors which are not under our control ( weather conditions, road conditions, road closure, earthquakes, fires, eruptions, floods, landslides, hurricanes, changing rules on borders, war, insurrection, civil war, breakdowns, flat tires and many more not listed) can divert our original route and/or change our daily schedule.

This may mean the tour may not be able to travel through original route planned and/or arrive at destinations on daily or tour plan. This can not be refunded.

In such case we will offer a different route and/or plan a new schedule. The participant must cover any additional costs arising.

10.5) The participant of Russia/Central Asia/Mongolia and Sumatra tours or any other tour that include those countries must understand that those countries have rural and remote areas and generally have less access to health care services. In case of injury or illness, transportation to the closest hospital can take days or may require helicopter rescue (where available) at your own expense.

11) Recognition of authorities of the guide, expulsion, forbidden items and miscellaneous

11.1) All participants on tour must recognize the authority of the Guide.

11.2) The group must follow the guide’s directives.

11.3) The guide has the authority of expel a participant if he/she does not follow his directives.

11.4) All riders should follow road rules and wear proper motorcycle gear during the rides.

11.5) All participants agree to limit the use of alcohol until we arrive at our destinations and motorcycles are parked. If the guides suspects you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they reserve the right to prohibit you from riding with or without the use of a drug test you.

11.6) All participants must respect one another,  the tour guide, drivers of support vehicles, staff of hotels, road police, immigration and customs officers and all people we encounter during our travels.

11.7) Participants are prohibited from taking photos of any military headquarters or sensitive places, such as borders.

11.8) All participants are directly responsible for any damage, missing items and other costs incurred during your stay in hotels

11.9) You are  responsible for your own belongings; Motorcycle World  Tours is not responsible for any damage to items or lost or stolen items at any time or place during the tour.

11.10) While tours are scheduled during prime riding seasons, we can not control the weather. We do not offer any refund in case we encounter rain,snow, hail storm or any other “bad weather” conditions. We may or may not ride in challenging weather conditions.  If all or part of the tour has to be cancelled due to poor weather conditions, monies can not be refunded. Be aware that Sumatra is a Tropical Rainforest Climate. That means it rains the all year around.

11.11) ALL illegal drug use and possession is prohibited for the entirety of the tour. Be aware in Indonesia there is death penalty for drug trafficking.  

11.12) In many countries medicines are forbidden. If you take medication, please bring your medical prescription(s) and enough for the duration of the trip..

11.13) It is strictly prohibited to carry weapons of any kind, included pepper spray. Exceptions are made for “Swiss Army” knives (tool knife like leatherman), but be aware, airport security may seize weapons of any kind.

11.14) It is forbidden to have any pornography material or obscene photos saved on your laptop or smartphone. Please remove such material  to avoid any problems at border crossing.

12) Motorcycle rental for Sumatra Tours

Each rider of the Sumatra Tours on the arrival day will have to pay in cash 500 USD as a refundable damage deposit. This will be help riders to drive more responsibly. A description of the condition of the motorcycle will be provided at the same time as the rental agreement.  Before departing the Renter is required to check the motorcycle condition and notify Motorcycle World Tours of any defect not listed on the document. Photos of the vehicle from different angles will be made. At at the end of the tour the motorcycle  will be inspected, if the motorcycle and all its accessories are in the same conditions as the start of the tour the deposit of 500 USD will be given back.  If damage or/and new defect are notice the deposit or part of it will be used to cover those costs. If the deposit is not enough to cover the costs you are require to cover them in full

13) Surcharges

The price listed is valid for 2017 tours; we reserve the right to change the price for the 2018 riding season.

14) Good faith of information

All information given to the participants is in good faith, however we don’t take any responsibility for it. It is the participant’s responsibility to obtain all necessary travel information, travel equipment and documents required to enter foreign countries and ride legally.  Participants who are forced removed from the tour due to incorrect information or the lack/loss of necessary documents and information, will not be refunded.

15) Copyright

Photographs and videos taken while on tour are Motorcycle World Tours’s copyright. We reserve the right to use such material for advertising purposes, even if participants are identifiable on them. The participant agrees that Motorcycle World Tours can use all photographs and/or video without additional cost Motorcycle World Tours.

16) Motorcycle & Motorcycle Repairs

It is participant’s responsibility to ensure their motorcycle is suitable and capable of completing the trip safely without mechanical failure. You are solely responsible for bringing all spare parts you may need along the way. Our list is only a suggestion of spare parts you may need. If you think you need additional spare parts, you should carry them yourself. We will be not responsible for any missing spare parts. You accept that you are the solely responsible for the condition, maintenance and safety of your motorcycle. Please be aware that we are not responsible for any loss, included but not limited to, theft or damage to your motorcycle while participating on our tours. We are unable to offer any vehicle insurance to customers taking part in a tour. The customer shall bear any additional costs that arise. In the event your motorcycle breaks down on the road, and you are unable to fix it yourself, we will try and repair it at your request. We can’t guarantee or provide warranties for any repair or maintenance of your motorcycle that we provide. We are not also responsible for any damage to your property or to your person as a result of any maintenance or repairs  carried out by us.  If we are unable to repair it on the spot, we will carry your motorcycle in our support vehicle. We will stop at the the first service station available on the designated route. We are not responsible for any damage to your property while your motorcycle is loaded on our support vehicle. If the repair takes more than 24 hours, the support vehicle must leave to continue the tour and you can rejoin the group along the way. If your motorcycle is not repairable, your and your transportation back home is at your own expense. No refund will be given. Motorcycle World Tours is not responsible for any repairs made from any service shops along the way.

17)Your Behavior

Motorcycle World Tours is released from its obligations under the contract, if within the scope of group travel, the customer, despite a warning, continues to cause disturbance by grossly improper behavior while riding or staying in the hotel. The tour leader has the right to expel you from the trip and you will be ask to leave immediately. If it was the customer’s fault, the participant is obliged to compensate Motorcycle World Tours and/or the hotel for the damage he has caused. The customer of Sumatra Tours is also obliged in such case to cover the motorcycle transportation costs back to Medan.

18) Flights and air cargo

Our World Tour or Coast to Coast + Europe includes the airfare from Toronto to Lisbon.  The flight offered will booked in the Economy section with no more than 23 kg checked baggage and 8 kg of carry-on baggage per passenger . We can not guarantee a direct flight. Unfortunately, there are very few direct flights they often do not fit into our budget costs. Your flight may have 1 or 2 stops that may include lengthy layovers. Please be aware that we may have connection flight in the UK, so it is your responsibility have all proper documentation to fly through this country as well. If the customer would like to upgrade or change their flight, or carry baggage exceeding the weight limit, please notify us immediately. Additional costs will be covered by the participant.  We are not responsible for your belongings during the flight. Any claims for damage to your person or your belongings, should be directed to the airline.

1) Motorcycle World tours is not directly responsible of the shipping of your motorcycle. Any claim for damage to your motorcycle and your property and/or delay in the shipping and consequent costs related for the delay should be directed to shipping company.

Clearances costs to get your motorcycle through customers in Lisbon are not included. These costs are to be covered by the motorcycle’s owner.

19) Personal effects and baggage

Motorcycle World Tours is not responsible for the participant’s personal effects if they are lost, stolen or destroyed. Motorcycle World Tours can not be held liable for any such loss regardless whether personal items are being carried on the support vehicle or your own bike.

All participant must produce originals of all documents and permits to Motorcycle World Tours to make copies for our reference.

I confirm that I have read and agree to the above Terms and Conditions.