Alps Tour

This is an epic ride through the highest mountains of the Old World, the cradle of civilization, that will satisfy everyone’s tastes. During this comprehensive tour, we will ride through the Alps to experience the best of what Europe has to offer a motorcyclist. History, culture, tradition, exquisite food and of coursen countless curves and stunning views.

Free grazing animals, lakes, eagles, alpine flowers and some snow-capped peaks will make every picture unforgettable. Dolomites will be our second World Heritage site in the Alps. Be ready for some of the best experience of your life. Those 3D wonders will stay forever in your memories.

We will criss-cross between Italian, French and Swiss mountains doing a clockwise semicircle around the Alps. 37 of the most amazing Alps passes are going to wait for us, included the highest road of the Alps. Prepare yourself to enjoy all of your 2862 km and in not only mountains. We will ride also through the Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont, we will hit the French Mediterranean coasts on scenic routes, we will make a few laps on “Monaco Circuit”,  we will visit Milan and Venice and much more. Are you ready to join this epic ride ? Check more info below

Alps village
Венеция тур
Alps tour
Венеция тур
Кататься алпи
венеция тур
Matteo Belli Alps
тур Монако
тур Монако
тур Монако
alps tour
Венеция тур
туры Альпам
motorcycle tour Alps
туры Альпам
вальдостанские коровы
Французской Ривьере







2.800km/1.741 mi



+/- 200Km, extra on request

Please note that this is an indicative route.  The route we offer is way more twisty and fun!

Dates & Prices


  • 03/07/17 to 12/07/17
  • 17/07/17 to 26/07/17
  • 31/07/17 to 09/08/17
  • 14/08/17 to 23/08/17
  • 28/08/17 to 06/09/17
  • 09/09/17 to 18/09/17
  • 20/09/17 to 29/09/17


450 €



  • 1.600 €  (Bmw G650GS or similar)
  • 1.950 €  (Bmw GS1200, Ducati etc)


500 €



700 €


2800 km , 4 countries, 4 Historical cities, 2 Unesco World Heritage sites,

  • Mediterranean sea coast of France and Italy
  • The all of Alps mountains
  • 37 of the best Alps mountain passes
  • Italian,French and Swiss cuisines
  • Milan
  • Venice
  • Principality of Monaco
  • Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont
  • Dolomites Mountain a world heritage listed place
  • Visit Barolo Winery
  • Infinity authentic alpine villages
  • The second highest road of Alps (Col de l’Iseran)
  • Infinity amazing viewpoints of Alps

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Alps, If you never had a chance to see in real life you will never forget this experience, let the fun begin.

Day 1

Arrival at the airport, pickup and tour of Milan. Tour explanation, riding safety tips sharing and a welcome dinner at pizzeria. Please be aware to arrive before 14.00 at the airport. Please book accordingly.

Day 2

We will get the motorcycles and start from Milan riding out in direction of the French riviera ,  through the Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont, also recognized as a World Heritage site. We will visit Barolo where the famous wine is produced and we will have our first mountain pass with a few km of off road. Our Stop for the night will be in a beautiful French historical village.

Day 3-4

The next day we will ride to one of the smallest and the most densely populated sovereign nations in the world, which is Monaco, the grand Prix city. Having a few laps in the circuit city” our tyres will be warm enough to start our adventure ride. Fully ready to hit  the dreamland of every single biker, the Alps. At this moment of the year all the higher pass are open, we will start to climb up and never come back to sea level till the last day of the tour. We will criss-cross between Italian, French and Swiss mountains doing a clockwise semicircle around the Alps. 37 of the most amazing Alps passes are going to wait for us. We will ride back to Italy in a very narrow beautiful mountain road and stop in a nice little italian town. 

On day 3  we wil ride on 5 mountains paseses. On day 4 we will have 3 mountain passes

Day 5-6

On day fifth we will have a long day ride with 6 mountain passes and around 30 km of gravel road which can be avoided by the ones who don’t like to ride on. We will again criss-cross Italy-France. We will arrive in Val D’Aosta region of Italy and our farm-stay will be beautiful typical “valdostana” house made out of stones and wood where we will test delicious food and admire the beautiful landscape. On the sixth day we will enter in Switzerland and we will test its first 4 mountain passes spread on 3 Cantons (Vallese,Berna and Uri) with the  glacier of the Furka pass as the highlight of the day. In the evening we will finally test also the Swiss cuisine and we will try how good are its original  Emmental  and chocolate.

Day 7-8

On the day seventh we will not choose the short but the more interesting way to come back on the Italian side of the Alps, on its famous area of Valchiavenna, riding up to 2 mountain passes Splugen and San Bernardino and stop to have a beautiful view from the top of a water dump. With the amazing food of the Valchiavenna as the highlight of the day. We will test it in a famous restaurant. On the eighth day we will ride back to Swiss and again Italy to climb up the more famous mountain pass of Italy the Stelvio pass. The Stelvio pass is like a motorcyclist monument be ready to meet quite a lot of other happy enthusiasts, just like us. We will also ride to other 3 mountain pass on the same day.

Day 9-10

On the ninth day we will have some of the more impressive views of the entire tour. Welcome to Dolomites a world heritage site.Sitting and admiring those giants will bring peace inside our souls. We could stay the all day to admire them and never been tired of . On this day we will ride up to 6 passes. The last day will have a little hike on a tiny beuty church with amazing views of the valley. Keep riding we will climb up our last pass of the tour the Passo Zoncolan. After few km we will hit the highway to reach Venice. We will park the motorcycle and have a city walking tour. For the ones who may don’t know the only way to visit Venice is walking or by boat. It is practically impossible to any other vehicle. We we have lunch and a short visit to this unique city. After that we will hit again the highway to come back home. A dinner for the congratulation of the group will be offered by us.

Day 11

Transfer to the airport.


Accommodations in our Alps tour will vary from hotel in larger cities to bed-and-breakfasts, homestays and farmstays in the villages of the Alps. A farm stay is a working farm that has been adapted to welcome guests as a hotel. The food served in farm stays is homegrown, home-cooked and delicious. Farm stays are often located in rural and beautiful areas. Staying with locals is often the best way immerse yourself into a different culture.

Whats Included
  • Whats included
    • Motorcycle rental (bmw 650 gs or similar) available other motorcycles including Ducati, Harley Davidsons and so on at higher costs.
    • Assistance acquiring necessary documentation and logistics
    • Pick up and drop off at the airport (Only if you rent a motorcycle and only if you land before 14:00 on the 1st day of the tour and take off from 10:00-1200 on the 1st day after the end of tour)
    • All nights accommodation
    • Welcome dinner and  goodbye dinner at pizzeria
    • Tour guide on motorcycle
    • Emergency first aid kit equipped
    • Our staff is motorcycle mechanical experienced and first aid qualified
    • Morning briefings
    • City walking tour of Milan
    • City walking tour of Venice
    • Short hike on Dolomites

    Not Included

    • Although we do not offer breakfasts, they are included in some hotel bookings
    • All services not mentioned and all personal items
Useful Info

How many “no riding days” are in the tour ? All days excluded the arrival day we will ride

How many km do we ride daily ? We will ride 193 miles/day (311 km/day) as an average. Obviously some days we will ride more than that and some days we will ride less.

How much motorcycle experience do I need ? You don’t need an extensive riding experience but you should be comfortable riding a motorcycle during a city’s rush hours as well as mountains roads. This will be a challenging, yet rewarding and definitely an enjoyable experience for you.

Is possible ride 2 up? Yes! You are welcome to travel with a companion..The passenger must be at least 12 years old. He/she should be able to place place both feet flat on the passenger foot pegs of the motorcycle. Riding 2 up requires more skill. The passenger should have experience traveling on the back of a motorcycle.

What about visas ? Usa required an easy visa process online for Europeans and Australians. Canada do not require visa for Europeans and Australians.

Which bag should i bring ? You should have a waterproof roll bag. Please be aware that your bag should be a good quality one. If you can’t pack all of your belongings in a 60 liters roll bag you are bringing far too much.

Can I rent the motorcycle gear ? Yes is possible to rent your motorcycle gear but we do not advice it. Much better to have your own which you are sure you are comfortable with.

What time should arrive at the first day ? Please be aware to arrive before 14.00 at the airport. Please book accordingly.

What do I need for a motorcycle trip? Click here to see the answer

How do I arrive at the starting point ? Click here to see the answer

Can I ride my motorcycle ? Yes you can, you can join the tour with your own motorcycle

How many riders we will be ? click here to see the answer

Should I ride with the group? click here to see the answe

How you got already a quote from another tour company ? If you are a group of people willing to do a tour that is not on our schedule, we can make the same tour cheaper with the same conditions, none can beat our price !! Please contact us

Riding conditions

If you have never ridden in Europe before, there are a few differences. Each country has its own driving rules. Europe can be divided into two parts:  “freestyle Europe”, or the “Latin Europe”, which includes eastern Europe, and the “no freestyle Europe”, which includes Germany, Austria and Switzerland along with northern Europe.

In freestyle Europe, the motorcycle is used as a vehicle to escape traffic jams. This means lane splitting, overtaking upcoming traffic and parking on the sidewalks (with common sense). Normally in rush hour, the way to work and the way home are transformed into small motogp races. In “no freestyle Europe”, such practices are uncommon and generally unacceptable. Please be respectful of each region’s rules.

The roads are narrower than, for example, the roads in the US and Russia.  Roundabouts are very common and gas stations are at a maximum distance of 20 km away. There are motorcycle shops in most cities and towns, as well as in some villages. It is safe to say that “freestyle Europe” is a rider’s personal paradise.

Traffic will be very limited as the vacation summer season will be just starting and daily traffic is not going through the high mountain passes. Roads are generally very good with some only reasonably good and there will also be few sections of gravel (easy) for about 200 km (which can be avoided). Riding in the Alps is a dream of every single motorcyclist and we will enjoy it day after day, corner after corner. We still cannot forget about safety as loosing the control of the motorcycle on a mountain road can cause serious injury or worse.  Speed limits are there for a reason and sometimes even 50km/h is above our capability. The biggest dangers are represented by many blind corners and the possibility of presence of big stones. Generally the tarmac is in good shape as many of those wonderful mountain passes are used during the “Le tour de France” and the “Giro d’Italia”, both international bicycle competitions.  We are not going to look for the best tarmac but we are going to look for best scenic and adventures roads, so get ready also for some of it.

Local Food

If you were thinking to be on a diet during those days you choose the wrong time. Italian, French cousin are well known to be the best in the world


Genuine, fresh and biological products are typically from the mountains. After the fall of the Roman Empire different cities began to separate and form their own traditions and cuisine. Many different types of bread and pasta were invented, and there was a variation in cooking techniques and preparation. Italian cuisine since then emphasize the regionalism and tradition.

  • Antipasti: bresaola, many delicious pork, donkeys, wild boars and other wild animals sausage
  • First course: pizzoccheri, Polenta in many different ways, several baked kind of pasta, soups.
  • Second course: game animals like deer, chamois, hare dishes are very popular.
  • Wines: Barolo, Barbera , Merlot, Pinot , Cabernet, Sauvignon, Nebbiolo, Traminer, Amarone di Valpolicella and many more
  • Desserts: Strudel di mele, Panforte, Baci di Dama, Tiramisu and many different tarts
  • Liquor: Grappa and Caffè alla Valdostana (a mix liquors and coffee set on fire)
  • Don’t forget that If you are lover of truffle you are in the best place for it.



French cuisine and wines are famous all over the world. French cuisine was heavily influenced by Italian cuisine, but since the 17th century shifted to its own style. Since November 2010, French gastronomy was added by the UNESCO to its lists of the world’s “intangible cultural heritage”.

  • A typical french day starts with a fresh baguette accompanied by jams , coffee, and a croissant. Lunch can vary a lot but typically you can have an omelet or sandwich (jambon beurre: the classic “Parisien” sandwich is just baguette, ham, and butter).  The baguette must always be fresh, which make it so good! Quiche, which is like a salty cake, salads and soups are also common lunch fare.
  • Dinner has such a variety of dishes which can be hard to choose from. If you are a lover of seafood, you are in the best place for it. Meat lovers also will be not disappointed.

Here a few of the many dishes:

  • Soupe gratinée à l’oignon (is a type of soup usually based on meat stock and onions, and often served gratinéed with croutons and cheese on top or a large piece of bread)
  • Coq au vin (chicken, mushroom, and cured pork braised in red wine broth)
  • Moules mariníères (Mussels cooked in a herb-flavored white wine broth)
  • Bouillabaisse (soup of Mediterranean fish and shellfish)
  • Foie gras (French for “fat liver”) is a decadent food product made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened.
  • Salade niçoise ( salad of tomatoes, tuna, hard-boiled eggs, Niçoise olives, and anchovies, dressed with a vinaigrette)
  • Dessert: Saint-Honorè cake , Tarte tatin (upside down apple cake), chocolate mousse, Crème brûlée
  • Cheese and wine fans in France will be in  heaven. Camembert, Brie, Fromages de Chèvres and Roquefort few of the more famous.
  • Wines: Bourgogne, Bordeaux, Cabernet, Coteaux and Champagne
  • Liquor: Cognac, Cointreau

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