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Everybody wishes that travel would be easier when it comes to visas and dealing with embassies.
Usually getting a visa is pretty much straightforward process for most countries, but it is always better to plan ahead.
As independent travellers with extensive visa obtaining experience we are happy to share some tips that will surely save you time and money.


How do I know if I need a visa?

The easiest way to know whether you need a visa for a certain country is checking the wikipedia website. Wikipedia checks the webpages of the IATA ( International Air Transport Association)  as they are the most updated on visa regulations for passengers all over the world.


How do I look for visa info?

Simply google ” visa requirements for … (write your passport nationality)” . Go to wikipedia webpage and you will find all the visa requirements for your nationality.

For instance if you are an American citizen, google ” Visa requirements for USA citizens”, you will see this page .

How do I learn about visa policy of a certain country? passaport-visas-travel-document

If you are interested about a certain country and you like to know about its visa policy (check which nationals need a visa and which don’t) – google “visa policy of … (write the name of the country)”.

For example if you are interested in Indonesia just google ” Visa policy of Indonesia” click on wikipedia result and you will see this page 

Always double check on official websites

Obviously to be on a safe side we recommend that you double check on official embassy website of the country of interest in your home country.

For instance if you live in the UK and you are interested in visiting Mongolia, you will google “ Mongolian embassy UK  “. Usually the first result is the official website of the Embassy, which usually has the latest information.

We wish you easy and happy travels!

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