Western Alps

Ride away from busy Milan to the bright green of the rice fields. Ride up and down the first hills, home to the Unesco World Heritage site known as the Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont. Ride further up the first big mountains till the point where the Alps meet the sea. Make a loop in the Grand Prix city of Monaco. Ride along the beautiful French Riviera coast and climb up the breathtaking high Alpine roads. Criss crossing between France and Italy, ride the highest mountain pass of the Alps, Col de Iseran with its 2, 770 meters.

Our Western Alps motorcycle tour is not all just about riding. Have you ever tried homemade cheese or homemade yogurt made of the fresh hand milked milk? Have you ever seen how the wine is made?

More discoveries ahead! Check out the tour’s details below.

Check out the tour’s details below.










+/- 5 Km
extra on request

Please note that this is an indicative route. It is not accurate. The route we offer is way more twisty and fun!

Dates & Prices


13/07 – 18/07


390 €



  • 1.599 €  (Bmw G650GS or similar)
  • 1.950 €  (Bmw GS1200, Ducati etc)
  • Min 3 riders are required to keep those prices


899 €



924 €

  • 1700 km , 4 countries, 4 Historical cities, 1 Unesco World Heritage site

  • Mediterranean coast of France and Italy

  • 13 of the best Alpine mountain passes

  • Italian and French  cuisines

  • Principality of Monaco

  • Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont – UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Visit to a typical Italian winery

  • Visit to MV Agusta museum

  • Numerous authentic Alpine towns and villages

  • Col de Iseran – the highest Alpine mountain pass (2,770m /9,088 ft)

  • Numerous amazing viewpoints of the Alps


Day 1-2

9:00 – Tour explanation, riding safety tips sharing. Get the motorcycles and ride from MIlan in direction of the French Riviera. We cross the Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont, a recognised UNESCO World Heritage site. We will visit “Barolo“, the city where the famous Barolo wine is produced. After crossing our first mountain passes we will stop for the night in a beautiful Italian town.

Please beware to arrive to Milan at least one day BEFORE the tour starts to allow a good rest. Please book accordingly.

On the next day we will ride to one of the smallest and densely populated sovereign nations in the world – Monaco. Making a few loops in the Grand Prix city, we will continue our adventure ride. We are now ready to hit the dream land of any motorcyclist – the Alps. This time of the year all the highest passes are open, so we will ride up and never come back to the sea level until the end of the tour.

We will criss-cross between Italian and French mountains making a clockwise semicircle around the Alps. 13 of the most amazing Alps passes are waiting for us. On the second day we will ride back to Italy on a narrow mountain road and stop in a nice Italian town.

Day 3-4

On the days 3 and 4  we will cross 8 mountains passes. We will taste genuine handmade cheese and yogurt and ride the highest mountain road of the Alps, Col de Iseran (2770m).

Get ready for great fun and stunning photos as we cross picturesque mountain passes and beautiful historic towns both in Italy and France.

Day 5-6

We will arrive in Val D’Aosta region of Italy with its typical “valdostana” houses made of stones and wood with the stunning mountain background. Valdostana cuisine is delicious and rich of flavours. We will visit a beautiful church with an amazing view on our way back to Piedmont region. On the last day we gonna ride a bit in Switzerland before visiting MV Agusta museum. 

Day 7

We will hand back the rented motorcycles and say goodbye. If your flight is on the same day, please make sure it is after 15:00.

Whats Included

What is included

  • Motorcycle rental (BMW 650 GS or BMW 1200 GS or similar). Also available other motorcycles including Ducati, Harley Davidson’s etc at higher costs.

  • Assistance acquiring necessary documentation and logistics

  • All nights accommodation

  • Tour guide on motorcycle

  • Mv Agusta museum entrance

  • Emergency first aid kit equipped

  • Our staff is motorcycle mechanical experienced and first aid qualified

  • Morning briefings

Not Included

  • Although we do not offer breakfasts, they are included in some hotel bookings

  • All services not mentioned and all personal items




Accommodation in our Western Alps tour will vary from hotels in larger cities to bed-and-breakfasts, homestays and farmstays in the Alpine villages (depending on availability). A farm stay is a working farm that has been adapted to welcome guests as a hotel. The food served in farm stays is homegrown, home-cooked and delicious. Farm stays are often located in rural and beautiful areas. Staying with locals is often the best way immerse yourself into a different culture.

Useful Info

How many “no riding days” are in the tour ? We will ride all days

How many km do we ride daily ? We will ride 149 miles/day (240 km/day) as an average. Obviously some days we will ride more than that and some days we will ride less. Keep in mind that even if it sound not much, in reality are mostly all mountains roads ant that will take the all day to cover such distance.

How much motorcycle experience do I need ? You don’t need an extensive riding experience but you should be comfortable riding a motorcycle during a city’s rush hours as well as mountains roads. This will be a challenging, yet rewarding and definitely an enjoyable experience for you.

Is possible ride 2 up? Yes! You are welcome to travel with a companion..The passenger must be at least 12 years old. He/she should be able to place place both feet flat on the passenger foot pegs of the motorcycle. Riding 2 up requires more skill. The passenger should have experience traveling on the back of a motorcycle.

What about visas ? Europe is visa free for north Americans, Australians and many other countries. Please check this information carefully before the trip.

Which bag should i bring ? You should have a waterproof roll bag. Please be aware that your bag should be a good quality one. If you can’t pack all of your belongings in a 60 liters roll bag you are bringing far too much.

Can I rent the motorcycle gear ? Yes is possible to rent your motorcycle gear but we do not advice it. Much better to have your own which you are sure you are comfortable with.

What time should arrive at the first day ? Please be aware that you should be ready to start the tour at 9 am from the meeting point. Please arrive at least one day prior to the tour. Book accordingly.

What do I need for a motorcycle trip? Click here to see the answer

How do I arrive at the starting point ? Click here to see the answer

Can I ride my motorcycle ? Yes you can, you can join the tour with your own motorcycle

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How you got already a quote from another tour company ? If you are a group of people willing to do a tour that is not on our schedule, we can make the same tour cheaper with the same conditions, none can beat our price !! Please contact us

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