We are a team of multi-generational, experienced overlanders. If you dream about a real motorcycle adventure or your own World Motorcycle Tour, we can make it happen!
Whether you want to do full excursion all at once, or break it into smaller trips, we will gladly accommodate your needs.

Not just a job, not just passion, this is labor of LOVE

Motorcycle and travel have always been our passion, but it has now become a labor of love. This is what makes our team special and unique. We have loved the places we have traveled to and we want to share these amazing experiences with YOU!

We are able to offer these adventures at an incredibly lower price

Our cost are the lowest on the market, up to 45 % less than what our competitors offer. We also the first to offer real motorcycle tours in Sumatra and still our price is way less than competitors in Asia.  If 2 of you travel together, its as if the second person is travelling for free if you compare prices with other companies
The reason is very simple, as a family business, our expenses are much lower than competitors, as we don’t need to employ other people.
– We don’t hire just anyone to take care of the details of your trip.
– We are the ones that will answer your emails and phone calls.
– We are the ones that will pick you up from airport with a big smile.
– We are the ones that will take you through dreamy rides.
– We are the ones that will give you a big hug before you take off.
– They simply can’t afford to make such low price as owners are not the ones who work/guide the tours.

More resting days used to discover local places

After so much time traveling on two wheels, we have found the perfect formula that balances the desire to go back on the bike and the wish to stay and discover the local treasures.
We love our job and we understand that this is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. With us you don’t just ride as a tourist, you ride as a real world traveler.

We are the only company who asks for just the 65% of the payment prior to the start

We are the only company who asks for just the 65% of the payment prior to the start

We think it is unfair to hold 100% of the payment 60 to 90 days prior the trip like others do. With us, you make a deposit of just 65%, and the rest of the bill must be paid on the arrival day of the tour.

Freedom of riding

Freedom of riding

On our Alps, Usa/Europe/Russia-Central Asia-Mongolia tours every rider is free to follow the tour guide or choose his/her own route and meet along the way or at the reserved hotel. GPS points will be given prior to the trip.

We are the only ones that offer discounts

We are the only ones that offer discounts

  • For 2 riders with 1 passenger or 3 drivers 1.5 %
  • For 2 drivers with 2 passenger or 4 drivers 2 %
  • For 3 riders with 2 passenger or 5 riders 2.5 %
  • For 3 drivers with 3 passenger or 6 riders 3 %
  • For 4 drivers with 3 passenger or 7 riders 3.5 %
  • For 4 drivers with 4 passenger or 8 riders 4 %
  • For 5 drivers with 4 passenger or 9 riders 4,5 %
  • For 5 drivers with 5 passenger or 10 riders or more 5 %

No Way for the Highway

Many tours starts their trip hitting the highway to cover as many km(s) as they can. We are not in a rush to go anywhere. We are on a motorcycle tour, we use local roads to see and experience as much as we can from the places we are crossing. Wherever possible, we will avoid the use of highway.

Shipping support

Do you already own your beloved motorcycle on which you want to make this dream ride? If you have to ship your vehicle, we can handle that! Just call or email us and we will provide the best options for you. We include in our tours the costs for Toronto-Lisbon air shipping of the motorcycle and your airplane ticket.

Rent? We offer a better solution! Buy and sell off motorcycle support!

Why would you waste a lot of money in renting a motorcycle? Renting a motorcycle is only a solution for short vacation of 10-15 days. We want you to get your money’s worth; that is why we offer this service. This will save you thousands of dollars. We have several options, have a look here:


Physical preparation

We are the only company offering physical preparation included in the fee for riders who will join us on the World Tour and on Russia-Central Asia-Mongolia tours. Yes, everyone remember that this is not a Sunday joy ride.
Matteo is a trainer and will happily help you with increasing your fitness levels.
On this long journey, it is possible that you will have tired legs/arms and/or sore back. Strengthening and conditioning your body is important to enjoying this adventure to its fullest. Matteo will develop a personal work-out program for each of you.

On the tour, we will share a few basic stretching exercises which we suggest you do before going to sleep and in the morning before each ride. We will hit the road in the best of shape! If you are a sports addict, you can join Teo (short for Matteo), in a daily workout routine to maintain your fitness levels or increase your strength. By the end of the tour, you may just be stronger than when you started!

Massages and spa

Massages and spa

We are the only who offer massages and spa included in our tour packs.
One thermal bath and one massage in Usa.
One spa in Europe
One thermal bath and one massage in Russia, Central Asia, Mongolia.

MotoGp race included

MotoGp race included

Our tour uniquely offers a Motogp race. We will go to Mugello Circuit, the Italian Motogp race! A truly awesome experience that every motorcyclist should have on his/her own bucket list.

Help others through giving back

On the Pamir and in Mongolia, we will stay with locals in their “homes”, a truly unique way to experience the local hospitality and to witness personally how these people live. This will be also our contribution to local economy, as these are some of the poorest areas in Asia.

Before hitting the road to the Pamir and Mongolia, we will fill up our support vehicle with food, toys, and school supplies to gift to local families.
This will be Motorcycle World Tours initiative. If you wish to contribute, you are free to buy or gift whatever you want.

Best Price guaranteed !

Best Price guaranteed !

How you got already a quote from another tour company ?
If you are a group of people willing to do a tour that is not on our schedule, we can make the same tour cheaper with the same conditions, none can beat our price !! Please contact us

Custom tour

If you have an unfulfilled desire to go on the adventure of a lifetime, send us your ideas, and we will design a trip personalized just for you. We customize for those with any taste, to ride any motorcycle or vehicle, on any budget.
Please visit our Custom Tours page